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Perk Project Photo Album

Welcome graphic

Here it is!!  Our own photo album.  I figured instead of emailing out 100 emails, I would create a little website where everyone could check out all the photos.  I have them on several pages so that it will be easier to load all the pictures.  If you have pictures of your own and want to share them with everyone else, then jpeg them to me by clicking here!   ENJOY!!  Don't forget to post a message on our forum.  It can be found on the last page OR by clicking on the "Comments" link in the navigation menu.

If you feel like laughing at me some more...go ahead and visit my Peace Corps website at 
Check it out and see what life in the Peace Corps and Morocco is all about!


To save any of these pictures, just right click on the photo and click on "Save Picture As..."   Then you can save it to your desktop or other folder.
Make sure you pan on all the pages because some of the pictures are REALLY big!!